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Hire Cable Trace, the Worlds Only Automated UTP Tracer

Cable Trace is a cost effective solution to help you make light work of cable spaghetti, identify unknown cables, and maintain accurate documentation. Listed below are some situations that make using Cable Trace even more appealing.

Patch Lead Audit

1. Tightly packed Cable Management Bars – althoughit looks neater this will make tracing patch cords harder.

2. Tie wrapped looms

3. Vertical Cable management – especially if the cords are routed down the inside of a cabinet.

4. Patch Leads routed behind switches or other equipment.

5. Excessively long patch leads.

6.   Brush letterbox type management – these are often used to get rid of excess patch lead length, but if the leads aren’t removed in the same order that             they were tucked in they will get knotted very quickly.

Horizontal Cable Trace

1.   Routing into cabinets-  where the cables enter the cabinet is the point at which tug and trace becomes very slow if not impossible. This especially applies       to racks that are mounted against the wall.

2.   Fire breaks on wall penetrations – these will be compromised using conventional methods.

3.   Tie wrapped bundles – these will need to be undone if using conventional methods.

4.   Inaccessible spaces.

Channel trace (ie which computer is connected to which Switch port)

1.   Desk Cable Management – if the desks are in clusters the patch leads from a floor box will generally be routed up a central conduit and into some sort of      containment within the desk, this could be a hinged section or the top of the table will slide back revealing the cable way. Either way this is  a two man          job as you can’t be on top of the desk and underneath it at the same time.

2.   Consolidation Points – some installations  use sub-floor Consolidation Points  into which they plug the floor boxes into, in this situation the label on the         floor box outlet may bare no relation to the actual cable it is using.