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Hire Cable Trace, the Worlds Only Automated UTP Tracer

The Handheld Tracer injects a frequency onto a cable, which is in turn detected by the attached Scanner described below.

The Tracer has a slot in the end into which the cable is inserted. Then using capacitive coupling a differential signal is imposed onto the cable. The signal travels down the cable in comon mode within a pair, but differentially between pairs. This ensures that the signal ground is always the centre of the cable, keeping the signal on the cable and minimising crosstalk with other cables.

The scanner unit has 24 flexible connectors fitted with rubber clips which attach to the cable jacket. When a trace is requested the scanner listens to each port in turn and sends the resulting signals to the Scanner Control Unit described below.

The Scanner Control Unit controls the trace function. When instructed it configures each scanner in turn to listen on each of their ports, processes the received signals, and sends the results to the user. Each Scanner Control Unit has enough connections for 24 Scanner Units (288 Cables), should more cables be required several Scanner Control Units can be run concurrently.

The Scanner Control Unit also contains a wireless router to communicate with the users mobile phone or tablet in order to send results, and receive trace commands.