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Hire Cable Trace, the Worlds Only Automated UTP Tracer

This set of instructions will walk through setting up the Cable Scanners..

If you are planning to trace cables out in the field then firstly you will need to insert the cut off Patch Leads provided into any empty Patch Panel ports. This is not necessary if you only intend to trace Patch Cables.

Attach the pole clips provided to the Cabinet by slackening off cage-nut screws and slotting the clips into position. Re-tighten screws to secure.

Extend the telescopic poles to the required length, and snap into the support clips.

Secure the poles into position using the 6mm screws and wing-nuts supplied.

Clip the Scanner onto the poles, leave enough room to access the cables.

Seat each cable in turn (from left to right) into it's relevant clip. Make sure the cable is seated fully in the clip.

Once completed slide the Scanner down to make room for the next Patch panel and repeat until all cables are connected.