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Hire Cable Trace, the Worlds Only Automated UTP Tracer

How does Cable Trace work?

Cable Trace induces a non-invasive signal into the cable channel at any point along its length using a portable hand held trace tool.  

The signal is detected by the Cable Trace antenna attached to that cable channel and is saved accordingly.   This means that any cable channel can be traced and mapped from any point along its length without the need for any manual intervention beyond attaching the antenna unit and using the hand held tool.   

Using Cable Trace the cable network can be traced, labelled and physically mapped to the required level of detail without any disruption and whilst the network is still live.

Does Cable Trace disrupt Data Transmission?


No. Cable Trace uses capacitive coupling to induce a signal within the cable, this signal is transmitted in common mode along a cable pair, but differentially between groups of pairs. The common mode signal on a pair is rejected by the receiving device so that the system is seen to be running out of band.

Can the system read Data Transmission from the cable?


The receiver circuit used by the Scanner Control Unit SCU is constructed to listen for one specific frequency at any point in time, this means that:

1.   No two sampled frequencies are sampled from the same data bit 

2.   The frequencies sampled are of too narrow a bandwidth to reconstruct a data bit.

     therefore it is impossible for the system to reconstruct transmitted data

What is involved in a Cable Trace?


The system comprises of hardware and software elements.   Taking thehardware first:

Antenna Units – Each unit comprises of 24 antennas that are attached to each cable using rubber push on cups.  

                           The antenna unit can be fitted to the cables at the rear of the patch panel or using a temporary scaffold the units can be attached to the                                    front of the patch panel. 

Scanner Control Unit – TheAntenna Units are all connected back to a single Scanner Control Unit

Hand Held Trace Tool – The trace tool is fully portable and is placed around the individual cable at the required point. The software can either be connected                                          via the internet or through a fully self-contained wireless connection within the SCU.  

Using the Cable Trace Application on a hand held device, the operator manages the complete tracing process and saves the information to the database to build a complete channel map.

There is the option to bluetooth the trace information to a printer and generate a label as part of each trace.