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Hire Cable Trace, the Worlds Only Automated UTP Tracer

Cable Trace identifies UTP Cables in Plant Room in Westminster

With a large Grade 1 listed building in Westminster in the middle of a major renovation programme, one vital element is the updating of the equipment in Plant Rooms.

Before these major updates could take place, the thousands of individual cables that run through each Plant Room required re-routing. At the same time this provided the opportunity to identify and permanently remove cables that had been cut over the years but were still in situ. To manage this re-routing it was vital to understand where each cable was connected, in the case of the data cabling both in the Comms Room and at the outlet and at key points along its actual route

The requirement was to trace, identify and label (with the relevant patch panel port) each UTP cable passing through specific Plant Rooms. The traditional method of manually tracing these cables had proved to be impossible due to a number of complications. The first complication was the data cables were coming from two Comms Rooms and down multiple Risers which meant it was impossible to trace individual cables without access to the entire length. A bigger problem affecting manual tracing was that starting from the patch panel,the cables passed through fire blocks and hazardous areas before passing through the Plant Room making access expensive and very difficult.   Finally, within the Plant Room itself the cables were bundled and carried on very difficult to access tray work.

Cable Trace was able to trace and label all of the data cables at the required points within the Plant Room without the need to carry out any other works.   The detailed set of reports included the length of each individual cable, allowing the client to complete their scope of work far more quickly and cost effectively than was possible previously.   The re-routing of in use cables and the stripping out of obsolete cables is now well under way.

Patch Lead Trace and Audit in Manchester

Prior to renewing the switches in their Campus, Cable Trace was asked to produce Patch Records for each Wiring Closet. In addition the Client needed to know how many Switch Ports were in use, and which Patch Cables could be removed as not in use.

Cable Trace equipment was left on site to gather information for 4 weeks. After which time we were able to identify which cables had never transmitted data and could subsequently be removed.